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Case Study

Hive Group

Advertising Services
Company Size
New York, NY

Hive Group NYC is a sales & marketing consultancy for the digital age. They help brands build delightful digital experiences that generate impactful results. They started a visionary journey, scaling their operations in a competitive environment with the pressing need to manage a growing workload without compromising their life balance. That’s when they found Athyna, not just as a service provider, but as a strategic ally in global talent acquisition.

Facing the dilemma of high costs and logistical challenges of hiring in the US, Hive Group reached out to Athyna in response to a well-timed BDR email. This decision catalyzed an unprecedented growth ride for Hive Group, enabling them to triple their revenue by broadening their client base and project portfolio with the help of Athyna's talent pool. 🚀

Hiring in the U.S. felt overwhelming for Hive Group NYC. "Working with Athyna made things a lot simpler," Cam Bennett, the visionary behind Hive Group, notes. They found people who could work the same hours as their clients and communicate clearly in English, which was a game-changer. This made working with clients smoother and got rid of the usual problems that come with working with teams from far-off places. 🔥

The collaboration began with a blend of skepticism and opportunity, leading to one of the most impactful decisions for Hive Group. Athyna's agility in presenting high-quality candidate profiles and orchestrating the hiring process resonated with Hive Group's dynamic needs. Bennett reflects, "Engaging with Athyna was a pivotal moment for us, the right message at the right time that led to a partnership vital for our current success." 🎯

Athyna's role in Hive Group's expansion has been crucial, from offering near-shore contracting options to injecting valuable skill sets into their team. Specific talents from Athyna have enabled Hive Group to adopt a hands-off approach with day-to-day client work, fostering operational freedom and business growth. 🙌

Hive Group has built a team where everyone is good at something special, thanks to Athyna. Bennett shares, "We have a Google Ads expert, a social media pro, and all sorts of specialists. They manage their projects but can also pitch in to help each other out." This approach has made the team strong and versatile.

The Athyna team was fantastic at quickly understanding what I needed, without me having to write a super detailed job description. Whatever it was I was looking for, they seemed to get it pretty quickly, and quickly turn around profiles, that were screened already, for me to meet and interview
Cameron Bennett
Co-Founder at Hive Group NYC

At Hive Group, welcoming new team members was surprisingly easy. "We were ready for remote work and our new team members fit right in," says Cam Bennett. Athyna’s talents were quick learners and eager to start, making the onboarding process smooth. "We picked people who were ready to hit the ground running, and that’s exactly what they did," Bennett recalls.🏄

Partnering with Athyna has allowed Hive Group to do more without burning out. "It's not all about me anymore," says Bennett. "We’ve brought on people who take initiative and are ready to tackle challenges." This means Bennett and the team can handle more clients and projects, helping the company to grow and giving everyone a chance to take a break when they need it.

Good communication has been essential for Hive Group's success in the remote work world. "Athyna showed us the importance of staying in touch regularly," Bennett appreciates. Using tools like Slack and keeping everyone in the loop with frequent meetings has made a big difference. It keeps the team working together, no matter where they are.

While efficiency metrics have shifted with the team's expansion, the overall capability to cover a larger scope of work has dramatically increased. Integrating Athyna's talent into Hive Group's virtual setup proved to be a smooth transition, with an emphasis on hiring self-starters and fostering a culture inherently aligned with Athyna's talent. 🎸

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My one big takeaway for Athyna is just easy to work with. It makes it really easy to go out and find world class talent at affordable rates for the U. S. I could not have gotten to where I've gotten with my business, nor my clients to where they have now gotten, without the help of the Athyna team and the talent that they brought.
Cameron Bennett
Co-Founder at Hive Group NYC
Typical US Salary
Full Stack Developer
QA Analyst
Paython Developer
With Athyna
Saved 65%
Saved 65%
Saved 65%

The cost-effectiveness of partnering with Athyna has been unequivocal for Hive Group, though not quantifiable in exact figures. The entire team's composition of Athyna's talent fits right in, meaning that Athyna's talents are not just fitting into the company culture — they are defining it.

Since joining forces with Athyna, Hive Group has significantly increased its earnings and expanded its services. "We've gone from a small team to earning close to a million dollars a year," Bennett states proudly. "Our clients are happy because we're offering them services we couldn't before, thanks to the talented people Athyna found for us." 🌱

Looking ahead, Cam Bennett envisions the partnership with Athyna as a cornerstone for Hive Group's continued expansion. The recommendation for Athyna's services comes with genuine enthusiasm, having already shared this "secret weapon" with close allies in the industry.

Hive Group's narrative with Athyna is one of strategic foresight, cultural integration, and substantial growth. Together, they're building a course toward continued success, with Athyna's global talent as the wind in their sails. Here's to scaling new heights and achieving further milestones together! 💥

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