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Case Study

Hardline Creative

Design Services
Company Size
Toronto, Ontario

Hardline Creative is making waves. As a boutique creative agency, they specialize in supporting consumer packaged goods brands with mass content for sales fields and digital platforms. In the last four years alone, their team has tripled in size. But this rapid growth didn't come without its challenges.

Finding the right talent to maintain their high-volume, quick-turnaround production took a lot of work. That's when Athyna stepped in, helping Hardline Creative to bring on three new crucial staff members within the last year, marking a significant turning point for the agency.

The Athyna process stood out distinctly to Caitlin and her team. The meticulous follow-ups, the detailed call recaps, and the presence of multiple team members in discussions meant that Athyna wasn't just listening—they were actively dissecting Hardline Creative’s needs to unearth the finest candidates. “Athyna brought a designer to our calls, someone who spoke our language, which made all the difference,” Caitlin praised. This attention to detail in Athyna’s approach was unprecedented and invaluable.

Caitlin, Creative Director at Hardline Creative, had been on the lookout for a recruiting partner who could truly understand and meet their specific needs. After little success with four other recruiting agencies, Athyna reached out and quickly stood out from the rest. Their seamless recruiting and onboarding process was a breath of fresh air. 🏄

"It was the fifth agency we'd worked with," Caitlin recalls. "But with Athyna, the process was seamless. I felt heard, and the candidate matches were so spot-on."

Hardline was in search of a unicorn: a hybrid talent encompassing a creative lead, graphic designer, and account coordinator. This multifaceted role was crucial for the unique dynamics of their work. “Explaining our need for such a diverse skill set was often met with confusion,” Caitlin admitted. However, Athyna grasped this concept with ease, sourcing candidates who could seamlessly blend these roles, a victory that Caitlin described as “a really great win for us.”

Athyna's approach was not just about filling positions but ensuring each candidate was a perfect fit for Hardline Creative's unique environment and fast-paced demands. The matches were so precise that the difficulty lay in choosing from the high-quality options provided. 💥

Athyna has some really good recruitment team members, who are really, really great listeners. They're great at understanding what your business is and what it needs, and then finding that right personality that's going to blend really well with the team. I would say the results that we've had since partnering with Athyna have been insane.
Caitlin Nagy
Creative Director at Hardline Creative

Caitlin eagerly shared tangible success metrics post-Athyna’s involvement: “Our Canadian business, which was steady, has skyrocketed by 60 per cent in just six months.” She attributes this unprecedented growth to the new hires who've already surpassed the total average yearly orders before year's end—an outcome Caitlin enthusiastically labels as “insanely good.”

Athyna's impact went beyond just hiring. They helped Hardline Creative develop a more streamlined process that allowed for better integration of new team members, aligning with their brand's fast-paced and innovative ethos. 🎯

Hardline Creative recognized the importance of community within their remote team, understanding the challenges of fostering interaction from afar. An unexpected call from Athyna alerted Caitlin to the team’s need for connection, leading to a transformative team retreat. Caitlin noted, “Since then, there’s been a surge in productivity due to increased support and trust.” She also highlighted the positive influence of bubbly new team members, explaining, “Their energy has everyone coming out of their shells.”

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It was also much more cost effective for us to work with Athyna. Finding staff with that type of talent in Canada can be really challenging and Athyna has been a real game changer for us. We look forward to continuing to work with them.
Caitlin Nagy
Creative Director at Hardline Creative
Typical US Salary
Full Stack Developer
QA Analyst
Paython Developer
With Athyna
Saved 65%
Saved 65%
Saved 65%

“From a handful to a full-fledged team, Athyna has been pivotal in our evolution,” Caitlin shared. The transition from a reliance on freelancers to a robust, multi-skilled in-house team addressed a critical bottleneck, ensuring direct communication with clients.

With Athyna's partnership, Hardline Creative is poised for even more growth. They can now focus on their mission to support brands in creating impactful sales and marketing collateral without being hindered by talent acquisition challenges.

Caitlin encourages other agencies to partner with Athyna, confident in the value they bring. With Athyna's help, Hardline Creative is well-equipped to continue its impressive trajectory in the creative industry. 🌱

The story of Hardline Creative and Athyna is one of strategic growth, understanding, and a perfect match in both talent and culture. Together, they have crafted a strong partnership that propels Hardline Creative to new heights. Here's to a future where they continue to outdo themselves, one creative project at a time! 🎨

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