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Case Study

Edge Solutions

Technology Services
Company Size
Alpharetta, Georgia

Edge Solutions, with a solid 15-year track record in the tech service sector, knows the importance of evolving and keeping up with industry shifts. Knowledge is now at the heart of their business, more so than ever before. When they needed a partner to help them find the best people for their team, they looked for someone who didn't just get the job done but shared their vision and values. That's when they found Athyna. 🚀

Edge Solutions has long thrived on technical competence, distinguishing itself in a competitive landscape. With a drive to grow and a necessity to innovate, the company realized the need to expand its team beyond local prospects. Mauricio, Executive Vice President, reflects on the moment the search began: "We knew we had to keep growing the team. We sold deals without having the technologists to deliver." The local market had become saturated, and the talent available did not align with Edge Solutions' value for cost. "They wanted me to buy a Ferrari, but they wanted to give me a Fiat, and I didn't want to do that." 🚗

The search for global talent led Edge Solutions on a two-month journey, exploring various Employer of Record (EOR) services before a recommendation pointed them to Athyna. What started as a simple referral transformed into a thriving partnership, driven by economic benefits and shared values.

Edge Solutions checked out more than twenty firms to find the right partner. They chose Athyna because they saw a bit of themselves in the way Athyna works. Before Athyna came along, it was tough to find the right talent—those who had the tech skills, the smarts to handle clients, and the ability to fit in with the team. And it was even harder to find these people without spending too much money. Athyna changed the game for them.

For Edge Solutions, culture is more than a buzzword; it's the lifeline of their operations. Mauricio notes the cultural resonance felt during the initial conversations with Athyna. This alignment was crucial, as he emphasizes, "We like working with people that we like to work with... And what we find is it's a very rewarding relationship, not just from a personal standpoint but economically as well."

Athyna took the time to really understand what Edge Solutions was looking for in new team members. This wasn't just about ticking boxes or filling spots. It was about finding people who would bring something special to the table from the very beginning. Edge Solutions felt that Athyna cared about getting it right, which made the whole process feel personal and well-thought-out.

Edge Solution’s Team
We were looking for something that we could afford. The resources we get from Athyna are worth 2X to 3X in the US. Athyna more than exceeded my expectations for what was possible.
Mauricio Rojas
Executive Vice President

The partnership between Edge Solutions and Athyna has led to real wins. They've been able to take on more work and grow their business in ways they couldn't before. For example, with one of their clients, they managed to double the money they made from the services they provided. This shows how much of a difference the right people can make. 🎯

The team at Athyna has a real gift for finding amazing people. Mauricio Rojas, Executive Vice President, has been leading tech teams for over two decades, and he's never seen anything quite like it. The people they've found for Edge Solutions fit right in and are already helping them do great things.

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Typical US Salary
Full Stack Developer
QA Analyst
Paython Developer
With Athyna
Saved 65%
Saved 65%
Saved 65%

Teaming up with Athyna has also meant saving money, which has let Edge Solutions think bigger when it comes to growing its team. Plus, they've kept their title as the best place to work in Atlanta, with people sticking around just as long as they always have. 🔥

Retaining talent is synonymous with maintaining engagement at Edge Solutions. Mauricio believes in the power of trust and vulnerability for genuine engagement. "To keep people engaged, you need to trust them... Once they're personally invested with you, then you can go about giving them the environment that they want." Athyna's role in supporting this culture is evident, providing not just talent but also individuals who resonate with the core values of Edge Solutions.

What makes Athyna different is that ’they get what makes a team work well together.’ It's not just about finding people who can do the job. It's about finding people who make the whole team better. That's something Edge Solutions didn't find with any other company. 🌱

Edge Solutions is excited about what's to come. They see Athyna as a key part of their plans to grow and keep serving their clients with the best people in the business. They would tell any company looking for a strong team to consider working with Athyna. They've built trust with Athyna that's made their partnership really valuable. Edge Solutions believes that teams do their best when everyone's on the same page, and Athyna has helped them make that happen. 💥

This story isn't just about a company growing; it's about setting a new standard in the tech service world. Edge Solutions, with a hand from Athyna, is making its mark. They've found a partner who understands the tech world and what makes a team feel like a family. They're not just keeping up with the times; they're working to shape the future. 🌎

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