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Case Study


Marketing & Advertising
Company Size
Portland, Oregon

:Delmain, a top-notch digital marketing agency, making dentists shine online. Founded in 2009 in Portland, they were on a roll. But then 2020 happened, and like many, they had to pivot. Remote work became the way forward. ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿ’ป

Going remote opened up a world of opportunities for hiring, but :Delmain faced a unique challenge. While the pandemic made remote work the norm, bureaucratic and legal hurdles made it incredibly challenging for them to hire outside of Oregon, even from neighboring states just miles away. The complexities of state-specific taxation, labor laws, and the sheer cost of navigating these challenges for a small company like :Delmain made it nearly impossible to compete with larger corporations. This limited scope in hiring led them to look for a more global solution with Athyna.

Athyna joined hands with :Delmain to help them find the right people. They were on the lookout for roles like SEO Specialists, Content Writers, Administrative Assistants, Web Content Publishers, Content Strategists, PPC Specialists, and Senior Web Designers. It was all about finding people who could write well, understand online marketing, and fit right into the :Delmain team.

We didn't just want to hire anyone. We looked for people who really got what Delmain is all about: being curious, staying positive, being good neighbors, and keeping things balanced. ๐ŸŒฑ

We started working with Athyna to find talented new team members in late 2021 and itโ€™s quickly become one of the best decisions weโ€™ve made as a remote company.
Paul Cole
Director of Operations

We've streamlined our process to find the right candidates for :Delmain. In the U.S., Paul might interview up to 20 candidates before making an offer. With us, it's been just three interviews to an offer. In fact, for their recent hires, :Delmain has taken on one out of every three candidates we've sent for the initial interview.


Since they started working with Athyna, :Delmain has experienced impressive growth. Their team has grown from 13 to 28 members in just about two years. Additionally, they've expanded their client base, partnering with 30 to 40% more dental practices during this period. ๐Ÿš€

Paul thinks it's really important to put in the effort when it comes to hiring and keeping employees. He says companies should spend time and resources to make sure employees feel important and part of the team. This means having a good welcome process, talking clearly with them, and giving them what they need to do their job.


Web Content Publisher
I feel like Athyna is very into how I'm doing. They're always in contact to see if everything is going good and if there's something we can improve in the process.
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When someone joins :Delmain, they make sure they feel at home. They have a guide for new hires, a plan for their first months, and they often check in with them. They also use some of Athyna's tips to make sure new team members can communicate well. ๐Ÿ’•

Find more about Athynaโ€™s Onboarding Guide right here!

Typical US Salary
Full Stack Developer
QA Analyst
Paython Developer
With Athyna
Saved 65%
Saved 65%
Saved 65%


Junior SEO Specialist at Delmain
I believe it was probably the smoothest hiring process I've ever participated in. And the onboarding process at :Delmain was probably the most informative I've experienced. They provided all the information I needed about my responsibilities, tools, and procedures. It was quite thorough.

In the coming years, :Delmain has big dreams. They're setting their sights on working with three times the number of dentists they currently help. This steady growth means more team members and new services for dentists. Paul is confident about continuing their partnership with Athyna. He's eager to see where this collaboration will lead them, especially as they aim for such growth.

Furthermore, Paul advises against reactive hiring, where companies wait until they're stretched thin before bringing in new talent. Instead, he recommends proactive hiring to ensure that current employees aren't overburdened and that new hires aren't pressured.

:Delmain's growth story, with Athyna by their side, showcases the power of adaptability and collaboration. From local challenges to global solutions, they've embraced change and are set for an exciting future. As they continue to expand, one thing remains clear: their commitment to their team and the dentists they serve. Here's to a future of continued growth and innovation!


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