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Workplace Learning Trends In 2023

July 5, 2023

In today's ever-changing work landscape, employees consider more than just the paycheck when choosing a company. Productivity can thrive without being tied to a physical office, leading workers to prioritize their well-being. One crucial aspect is the availability of online education and continuous learning. 

Studies show that 90% of companies were already utilizing digital education before the pandemic. As the online education industry continues to grow, let's explore some of the workplace learning trends that will shape 2023. 

The corporate eLearning market is on fire! With $315 billion already reached in 2021, this industry is set to surpass $450 billion by 2028. Talk about growth!

And it's no surprise why. In our digital era, where 62.5% of the global population has internet access (according to Hootsuite's annual report), savvy companies are seizing the opportunity to leverage online training for their employees. Not only does it provide valuable skills development, but it also helps cut costs along the way.

In fact, a recent study by the Association of Talent Development revealed that a staggering 99% of organizations considered in their research have some form of online training program. That's a massive leap from the 75% recorded back in 2015.

The numbers speak for themselves. The corporate eLearning market is thriving, and organizations worldwide are recognizing the value of digital training solutions. So buckle up and stay ahead of the game as we dive into the exciting trends shaping the future of workplace learning. It's time to embrace the power of online education!

Companies can slash their employee training costs by 50% to 70% through the power of eLearning. Yep, you heard that right!

If you've been pouring a significant chunk of your budget into expenses like travel, accommodation, and transportation for training purposes, it's time to reconsider. The beauty of eLearning lies in its ability to harness the technological prowess of your employees, allowing them to learn and grow without breaking the bank.

Just take a page out of IBM's book. Back in 2000, they embarked on a journey to shift their corporate learning strategy to the virtual world. And guess what? The result was mind-blowing. They managed to reduce their learning-related expenses by a staggering 30%, saving a jaw-dropping $200 million that was previously allocated to face-to-face education programs.

If you're looking to supercharge your training while keeping your budget intact, eLearning is the way to go. Get ready to unlock incredible savings and empower your team to learn and thrive in the digital era. It's a win-win situation!

Online credentials hold just as much weight as those earned through in-person experiences.

In the wake of the remote work revolution that unfolded in 2020, talent developers rose to the occasion, keeping their teams motivated and equipped with valuable skills through online training programs. This shift in perception has been so significant that a whopping 61% of hiring managers now view online credentials as on par with their in-person counterparts. It's a testament to the growing recognition of the value and effectiveness of virtual learning.

But here's the thing, this newfound trust in online education isn't solely a result of the pandemic. 

Even prior to the global shakeup, companies were already embracing the potential of online courses. Take LinkedIn's survey, for example. In 2017, nearly half of the companies expressed concerns about budget constraints when it came to sponsoring learning strategies. Fast forward to 2019, and that concern had significantly decreased to just 27%. Clearly, confidence in the power of online education has been on the rise.

And the benefits don't stop there. Forbes has some incredible data to share. They reveal that companies that provide access to education programs have reaped a return on investment of up to a mind-boggling 218% per employee. Now that's what I call a smart move!

If you've been wondering whether online credentials hold the same value as in-person qualifications, let me assure you, they absolutely do. Embrace the power of virtual learning, and open up a world of opportunities for your career growth and development. The future is digital, and the possibilities are limitless!

A whopping 72% of organizations believe that eLearning is their secret weapon for keeping up with market changes.

According to a survey conducted by, companies have found that eLearning enables their employees to develop skills more effectively, making them more competitive in the ever-evolving marketplace. It's all about staying on top of the game and meeting customer expectations head-on.

But wait, there's more! Additional analyses reveal that when employees have the freedom to learn at their own pace through digital tools, their productivity skyrockets. We're talking about a surge of 15% to 25%! That's a significant boost that can propel your business forward and set you apart from the competition.

If you want to stay ahead in this fast-paced world, embrace the power of eLearning. It's your ticket to honing your skills, adapting to market changes, and ultimately, thriving in the dynamic business landscape. Don't let the winds of change blow you away—harness the power of eLearning and stay one step ahead of the game!

A staggering 79% of employees are already embracing the wonders of online training tools and courses. 

That's right, since 2020, professionals worldwide have been tapping into the vast realm of eLearning to sharpen their skills and stay ahead of the game. Talk about taking control of your own growth!

But it doesn't stop there. A recent survey conducted by FutureLearn revealed that a whopping 89% of employers believe that online education will become increasingly common. They're recognizing the value and effectiveness of digital learning platforms, and it's clear that the future is brimming with exciting possibilities.

And guess what? LinkedIn, the ultimate hub of professional insights, has even more to add. According to one of their Workplace Learning reports, a remarkable 57% of talent developers are planning to ramp up online training hours for their teams. They understand the immense benefits of eLearning and are ready to unleash its full potential within their organizations.

Whether you're an eager employee seeking new knowledge or an employer looking to empower your workforce, online education is the way forward. Join the 79% who have already harnessed the power of eLearning, and let's embark on a journey of growth and continuous learning together. The world of online training is at your fingertips, waiting to unlock a world of endless possibilities. Get ready to seize them!

The landscape of workplace learning is undergoing a remarkable transformation. The rise of eLearning has revolutionized how employees acquire new skills, adapt to market changes, and drive their careers forward. The data speaks for itself, highlighting the undeniable impact of online training in shaping the future of work.

As we look ahead to the future, it's clear that workplace learning trends are shifting toward digital platforms. The synergy between technology and education opens up endless possibilities for individuals and organizations alike. Whether you're seeking to upskill, reskill, or embark on a new career path, online education offers a world of knowledge and opportunity.

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